Mobile app to estimate how much ice is need to maintain quality of the catch 

Matís has released an app for mobile phones that allows fishermen to estimate the amount of ice needed for cooling and storing fish, based on the volume of fish, ocean temperature, storage temperature and the number of days the fish is expected to be stored. The app is currently available in Icelandic, Danish, English, Faroese, Norwegian, Greenlandic, Spanish and even in the Basque language.  The app can be downloaded from


Relatively good lumpfish season in Iceland 2013

In an interview with Fiskifrettir (Fishing News) on the 12th of September the CEO of NASBO (National Association of Small Boat Owners), Orn Palsson, published information on the 2013 lumpfish season in Iceland. The catch volumes were substantially lower than last year, with reduced allowed number of fishing days and nets. The prices of lumpfish roe´s are still low, but prices for the fish itself have increased.

There were 286 boats fishing lumpfish in Iceland 2013, with around 1000 fishermen involved. Reported landing were 8.491 barrels of roe´s, compared to 12.250 barrels last year. Fishing days per permit were reduced from 150 last year down to 100 this season. The fishermen though believe the lumpfish stock is just as strong as last year.

Lumpfish catches in Greenland were around the same as in Iceland and in Norway approximately 1.000 barrels were landed. Lumpfish catches in Newfoundland were on the other hand almost none existent this year.

World supply of lumpfish roes have decreased considerably, witch hopefully will help the fishermen to sell their catch for a reasonable price. Prices fell substantially last year and have not improved since.  Barrels were sold for around € 617 each but price on the fish itself has increased. Fisherman are demanded to land the total catch and most of the fish is gutted in factories ashore. Estimated value of the lumpfish exported from Iceland to China is over € 1.9 million.

Regrettably there were some inventory of roe´s in the beginning of the fishing season, but most of it is sold now. Some inventory from this season is though unsold.

“All things considering this was a good lumpfish season, apart from the low market prices” said Orn, but a good market for the fish itself is promising for the industries’ future.




Icelandic coastal fishermen have developed a product and a market for frozen lumpfish


For decades, mainstay of Icelandic lumpfish fishermen have primarily landed lumpfish roes and discarded at sea other parts of their catch. The roes account for about 30% of the live weight of lumpfish, but the other 70% have not had any market value…until now. With a collective effort by the National Association of Small Boat Owners in Iceland (ASBO) and the fish-export company Tríton, a new product and a market for it has been developed. The export value of this “new product” was around 300 million IKR (1.9 million EUR) in 2012. This innovative effort has therefore managed to make value out of waste for Icelandic coastal fishermen. Further information available in the article Export value of lumpfish products from Iceland increase around 300 million IKR


Over six hundred vessels taking part in the yearly “Olympic” coastal fishery in Iceland. For the fifth year in a row, Icelandic coastal vessels using handline are now allowed to fish from a special “pot” in a competitive fishery. The fishing grounds are divided into four spatial areas and each area is allocated Total Allowable Catch for each month (Mai-August). Once the TAC is reached in an area for a given month the fishery is suspended until beginning of the following month. Each vessel is only allowed to land 650 kg per day and can at most stay out fishing for 14 hours per day. The fishery is closed over weekends (Friday to Monday). This system has proven to be a great success for fishermen owning small coastal vessels and has made the many small harbors around Iceland more lively during the summer months than before.




Extremely good catches among Icelandic coastal vessels in June


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