Kystfiskeri Workshop March 2014

A workshop titled “Coastal fisheries in the North Atlantic”was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on March 25th & 26th 2014.

The objective of the workshop was to present the main challenges that the N-Atlantic coastal sector is faced with and to explore opportunities for improvements. Representatives from coastal vessel owners associations from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland gave presentations on the current operational environment in their sectors, as well as main challenges and opportunities. Researchers, equipment providers, processors and other stakeholders contributed to a fruitful discussions by giving presentations on various issues that can  be relevant for coastal fishermen and coastal communities. The hope is that this workshop will contribute to increased cooperation within the N-Atlantic coastal sector and help to boost competitiveness of the sector.

The agenda for the workshop was as follows: Coastal fisheries in the N-Atlantic_workshop agenda

List of attendees

Presentations from the workshop are available below along with video recordings of most of the presentations (unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the first presentations on the agenda were recorded without sound and are therefore not available below):


Workshop in Reykjavík March 25th & 26th 2014

March 25th  

8:45 Registration and coffee
9:00 Welcome by Matís CEO
9:05 AG fisk by Sigurjón Arason
9:10 Welcome, project introduction and houskeeping by project coordinator
9:15 The Norwegian coastal sector and Norges Kystfiskarlag
Mr. Arne Hole from Norges kystfiskarlag (NO)
9:30 The Swedish coastal sector 
Bengt Larson from Sveriges Yrkesfiskares Ek. Förening (SE)
9:45 The Danish coastal sector
Henrik S. Lund from Danmarks Fiskeriforening (DK)
10:00 The Faroese coastal sector
Ólavur Waag Høgensen from Meiginfélag Útróðrarmanna (FO)
10:15 The Icelandic coastal sector Arthur Bogason from the National Association of Small Boat owners (IS)
10:30 Coffee brake
10:45 The Greenlandic coastal sector Tønnes Berthelsen from KNAPK (GL)
11:00 Newfoundland coastal sector Earle McCurdy from Fish, Food and Allied Workers (CA)
11:15 Coastal sectors in the N-Atlantic Jónas R. Viðarsson, Matís (IS)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Ecolabelling of small scale artysanal fisheries Arthur Bogason from the World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers                         Ecolabelling of small scale artysanal fisheries by Arthur Borgason_Recording
13:20 The value of Ecolabelling and other attributes Prof Jimmy young from University of Stirling (UK)                                                                          Jimmy Young_Video recording Part A                                                          Jimmy Young_Video recording Part B
13:40 How can we sell the story behind the fish (WhiteFishMaLL)? Durita R. Djurhuus from Syntesa (FO) and Valur N. Gunnlaugsson from Matís (IS)  Can we sell the story behind our fish by Durita Djurhuus and Valur N. Gunnlaugsson_Video recording
14:00 Can we gain price premiums for coastal catch? Martin Jaffa from Callander McDowel (UK)          Martin Jaffa_Video recording Part A                                                                Martin Jaffa_Video recording Part B


14:20 Coffee brake
14:40 The North Atlantic Marine Cluster Project Vilhjálmur Jens Árnason from the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IS)                                                                Vilhjálmur J. Árnason_Video recording Part A                                               Vilhjálmur J. Árnason_Video recording Part B
15:00 Structure and economy of the Danish coastal fleet Erling Larsen from DTU Aqua (DK)                                                                                          Erling Larsen_Video Recording Part A                                                           Erling Larsen_Video Recording Part B
15:20 Socio-Economic importance of coastal fisheries Sveinn Agnarsson & Anna Karlsdóttir from University of Iceland (IS)                                      Sveinn Agnarsson and Anna Karlsdottir_Video recording Part A                 Sveinn Agnarsson and Anna Karlsdottir_Video recording Part B
15:40 New opportunities: Coastal fisheries and tourism Elías Guðmundsson from Fisherman (IS)  New opportunities_Coastal fisheries and tourism by Elias Gudmundsson_Video recording
16:00 Coffee brake
16:15 Panel discussions
17:00 End of day 1

20:00 Project dinner


March 26th  

9:00 Ice machines for small coastal vessels Þorsteinn Ingi Víglundsson, Thor Ice (IS)  Þorsteinn I. Viglundsson_Video recording
9:15 Bleeding tanks for small coastal vessels Daniel Niddam, 3X Technology (IS) Daniel Niddam from 3X_Part A   Daniel Niddam from 3X_Part B
9:30 Design and production of modern coastal vessels at Seigla Sander Nieuwstad and Björn Sverrisson, Seigla (IS)  Sander from Seigla_Video recording
9:45 Auto-line systems for coastal vessels Arne Tennøy, Mustad Autoline (NO)                                                                                                          Arne Tennøy from Mustad_Video Recording_Part A                                     Arne Tennøy from Mustad_Video Recording_Part B                                     Arne Tennøy from Mustad_Video Recording_Part C
10:00 Coffee brake
10:15 How can variable quality of fish from the Norwegian coastal fleet be explainedEdgar Henriksen, Nofima (NO)                                                    Edgar Henriksen from Nofima_Video Recording_Part A                         Edgar Henriksen from Nofima_Video Recording_Part B
10:30 Romark Seafoods_Experience of operating and processing seafood from coastal vessels in Greenland Lars Mark, Romark seafoods (GL)  Lars Mark from Romark Seafoods_Video recording
10:45 OCI and its experience of processing seafood from coastal vessels in Canada Greg Viscount, Ocean Choice International (CA)                            Greg Viscount from OCI_Video recording_Part A                                       Greg Viscount from OCI_Video recording_Part B
11:00 Coffee brake
11:15 Working groups (input to draft report)
12:00 Presentations from working groups results and plenary discussions
12:45 Lunch
13:15 Wrap up
13:30 Bus took participants to the Ocean Cluster building
15:00 End